IRIScan Anywhere 5 White

“IRIScan Anywhere 5 – Mobile Card Scanner

Ultra-compact, autonomous and portable, the IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 is the ideal device to scan anything, anywhere

Unique Battery Mobile Scanner to Scan your Business cards and Receipt on the GO

Scan to SD Card

Scan to JPG & PDF

Scan documents, contract and Invoices

Scan your Pictures”

Weight 1 kg
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“Scan on the go – no computer needed!

• Long-lasting built-in 1200mAH Li-polymer battery

• Bright and sharp 1.44” TFT Color Display Panel for instant scan preview

• SD Card slot (to insert provided 4GB MicroSD Card)

• USB slot (to easily recharge your device or upload files)

Mobile scanning at its best

Whether you are at home or at the office, on a plane or at a conference, the IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 is perfect for scanning anything, anywhere. Compact, lightweight and fully autonomous, this is the ideal scanning device for mobile users – you won’t need any cable or computer to use it! Don’t be fooled by its size and ultra-portability, the IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 has a very long-lasting battery life : It will scan your heavy piles of documents in no time thanks to a stunning 8-pages per minute scanning speed (300/600 DPI). IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 is the ideal device to make all your documents digital– no matter where you are

Scan and recognize your business cards

IRIScan Anywhere 5 includes the powerful Cardiris™ Corporate 5.7 software (PC version). It lets you quickly scan the stack of business cards you have been collecting for so long, or right on the spot when you meet a business partner at a trade show or in a meeting. It also easily scans ID cards and health care cards in a snap!

Once you scanned your business card, you can automatically extract all its data thanks to the provided business cards recognition application (Cardiris™ Corporate 5.7 PC) and export your digital contacts to Outlook, Excel, Salesforce, Ms CRM, ACT!, and more. Using Cardiris™ Corporate is the most simple and efficient way to share your contacts instantly to the Cloud!

Perfect for any type of document

IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 easily captures any kind of document: contracts, business cards, receipts, forms… you name it! It’s a perfect choice for SMB users and on the go actors.

Not only is this scanner convenient for business matters – it’s also perfect to simply scan pictures, drawings and notes.

All your scans are automatically saved on the provided MicroSD™ card, ready to be uploaded on your computer when back at home. With IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 Wifi, you can also simply send them via Wi-Fi to your mobile devices or computer (Windows® or Mac®). For mobile devices, dedicated iOS®/Android™ apps are available online to make your transfers smart & easy!

First-class scanning performances

IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 allows you to scan directly to JPEG or PDF with impressive resolutions up to 1200 DPI. This device perfectly combines ultra-portability with high quality scanning, avoiding any unnecessary compromise! IRIScan™ Anwyhere 5 is the guarantee to a perfect scanning result at very high speed (300/600 DPI: 8 pages per minute). And that’s not all: thanks to the provided world-renowned OCR software Readiris™ 15, all your documents can be converted in any format. Your scan is instantly turned into a fully editable Office file (Word, Excel, etc) or searchable PDF, which can then be easily shared in the Cloud (Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Skydrive, and more)

Preview your scans on a bright 1,44”color screen

When you’re scanning on the go, you might want to be perfectly sure you have scanned a document correctly.

That’s why IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 features a bright and sharp 1,44” color screen to instantly preview what you just scanned. You don’t need to check on a computer or mobile device : simply look at the preview screen and erase any blurry or inaccurate scan. This ensures you get a high quality result everytime.

A space-saving scanner

IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 new family offers a great advantage : it combines high-quality performances with a very compact design.

By chosing this scanner, you avoid creating any unnecessary clutter on your desk or in your breifcase. IRIScan™ Anywhere 5 doesn’t require any cable or laptop to function, which makes it perfect to carry and use anywhere! This space-saving aspect will be a great asset for anyone willing to have smart and uncluttered work environment.

. Long-lasting built-in 1200mAH Li-polymer battery

2. Bright and sharp 1.44” Color Screen for instant scan preview

3. SD Card slot (to insert your provided MicroSD Card)

4. USB slot (to easily recharge your device or upload files)

5. WiFi button for a fast wireless transfer of your scans (to any computer or mobile device)

6.Easy buttons to configure all parameters : resolution (up to 1200 DPI), format (JPG/PDF-A/PDF-L), color/B&W mode, etc.

Scan to JPEG

Scan all your documents to image files (JPEG) – you can then easily share or archive them

Scan to PDF

Scan all your documents to PDF, you can then easily share or archive them.

Scan to e-Book

Scan an entire book and turn it quickly into a handy e-book, which you can read or listen to on any device

Scan to MS Office file (Word, Excel, etc)

Thanks to the included software Readiris, all your scans can be turned in a Word or Excel file in a simple click
Convert your documents to audio files

The IRIScan Book 5 converts any image or PDF file or scanned document to an audio file that you can listen to using an audio reader. This unique feature lets you listen to any text, even during travel!

– Scanner size (H x L x D): 3,5 x 27,5 x 4,4 cm (1.73 x 10.62 x 2.12 in)

– Scanner weight: 330g (0.73 lbs.)

– Document feeding: Automatic document feeding (single page feed type)

– Image sensor: contact image sensor (CIS)

– Resolutions: 300/600/1200 dpi

– Scan color: Color/B&W

– File Formats: JPEG/PDF

– Maximum paper size: Up to A4

– Color Display: 1.44” Color Display Screen

– 10 scanner menu languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Si. & Tr. Chinese, Japanese

– Battery: Built-in 1200mAH Li-polymer battery (Scanning capacity when fully charged: up to 100 A4 pages)

– Charging method: USB cable”