Magnetoplan Design Glasboard , 900mm x 1200 mm, Red (COP 13404006)

Magnetoplan Design Glasboard , 900mm x 1200 mm, red (COP 13404006)

Weight 25 kg
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Magnetoplan glassboards are the modern, elegant alternative to conventional whiteboards. The stylish writing and info boards for office + private areas can be described, notes, photos & co can be attached magnetically . Design glass panels impress with their elegant and luxurious appearance with pure aesthetics . Made of high-gloss, premium-quality ESG safety glass, they hang free-floating in front of the wall. The boards can be assembled in any desired combination: juxtaposed, interrelated or at right angles to each other. In brilliant-white as well as the trend colors deep-black and intense-red, they become an eyecatcher on every wall. By its color, shape and the appealing appearance, The glass panels fit perfectly into any interior design. Moreover, they give each room a modern, individual touch