Magnetoplan Mobile Flipchart – “Evoloution Plus”

Magnetoplan Mobile Flipchart – “Evoloution Plus”

Weight 30 kg
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Design flipchart in a cast, stable and easy to maneuver, by sweeping metal frame with 4 large castors (Ø 80 mm, with brakes)

with innovative high-level position without locking screw: thanks to recessed magnets, the chart is smooth continuously adjustable in height up to 2 m and is held securely in any position

magnet adhering, powder-coated metal surface:680 x 970 mm

written on with board markers and dry wipe

complete with 2 integrated side arms for 3-fold presentation area

shapely, newly developed folding bar with adjustable suspension pivot, for all standard paper pads

with design-integrated tray for markers and accessories

in safety packaging for shipping