Maped 851721 Black Peps Triangular Graphite Hb Pencil With Eraser

Graphite triangular pencils for better grip, easier and more comfortable to use
Quick visualization of lead hardness

Weight 0.1 kg
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With a variety of stylish and functional products for adults and kids alike at home or school, Maped continues to reinvent ways to let you express yourself freely! Maped Color’Peps Triangular Black Graphite Pencils feature an ergonomic design for a better grip, making them easier and more comfortable use. The easy to sharpen wood is made from non-rainforest sources and does not splinter. Each pencil has a strong, break-resistant HB lead that is perfect for all kinds of arts and crafts projects. For over 60 years Maped has been creating innovative, high-quality products and renewing the often traditional school and office accessories markets with an assortment of ergonomic and eye-catching products tailored to the needs of the consumer. Maped is an expert in providing attractive and functional school.