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Mercury Stabilizer 5KVA AVR is a high-quality designed product of Mercury that is constructed automatically for the voltage regulator and keeps your appliances safe against electricity fluctuation damage, from high and low power voltage. It is built to take care of a sudden increase and decrease in power. Mercury 5KVA AVR Voltage Ranges from 100~270Vac which is suitable for your home and office appliances. Mercury Stabilizer 5KVA AVR is sleek and handy with the Input Voltage of 100 -270V AC and Output of Voltage 220V±8% P.F PF = 0.6. The Mercury 5KVA AVR Short Circuit Protection Fuse Efficiency is up to >98% and a temperature of 0˚C ~ 40˚C Humidity 10% ~ 90%. The Panel display ANALOG METER Dimension is 17.5 x 36 x 36cm. Mercury 5KVA AVR features a Communication RS232/ USB(option), Output Sockets 2 x Universal Socket. And weighs AVR Weight (kg) 4.5 which comes with Colour Red, Black. You having a Mercury 5KVA AVR will be one of the best and perfect decisions you will ever make without regret. Mercury Stabilizer 5KVA AVR has 6 steps of transformer designed for extra reliability, voltage protection, soft start protection. Mercury Stabilizer 5KVA AVR will always save your stress and cost from technicians to fix your faulty electronic devices, so it is essential for you to use a high-performance stabilizer like this one. Mercury 5KVA AVR has a 5000KVA capacity which makes it capable of accommodating all kinds of appliances. This high capacity makes it possible for you to use it with more than one device. Mercury Stabilizer 5KVA AVR allows appliances plugged into it makes function perfectly. Mercury Stabilizer 5KVA AVR Features a Delay time selection and High rate performance of Voltage protection function.

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Input Voltage: 100 -270V AC

Output Voltage: 220V±8%

P.F: PF = 0.6

Short circuit Protection: MCB

Efficiency: >98%

Temperature: 0˚C ~ 40˚C

Humidity: 10% ~ 90%

Panel display: ANALOG METER

Communication: RS232/ USB(option)

Dimension (W*H*D): 17.5 x 36 x 36cm

Output Sockets: 1x10Amp & 1x16Amp

weight: 15.9 kg

Wide Input Voltage Range: 100V ~ 270Vac: Ideal for office automation system and home appliances

6 Steps Transformer Design In Voltage Stabilizing: For that extra reliability

Voltage Protection: High / Low Voltage, High Temperature Protection

Soft Start Protection: Safeguards your expensive equipment

Compact Design: Sleek and handy