Uni-ball Vision Elite 0.8 Green

Features high performance water proof pigment ink and Uni flow system to ensure a continuous and consistent write to the last drop.

Weight 0.9 kg
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The Uni-Ball Vision Elite UB-200 Rollerball Pen is the ideal pen for frequent air travellers, featuring special technology which prevents ink leakage as a result of changes in air pressure.
This Uni-Ball Vision Elite UB-200 Rollerball Pen uses Uni’s renowned Super Ink that is waterproof, fade proof and quick-drying. Writing with this pen will flow smoothly and consistently to the last drop. Its advanced ink technology ensures maximum ease of use in any condition, including when you’re travelling in an airplane, as the pen is designed to withstand changes in air pressure which makes it leak-resistant. The Uni-Ball Vision Elite rollerball pen has a medium 0.8 mm stainless steel tip that is great for writing that needs to be precise and neat. In addition, this reliable rollerball pen will create writing that remains fresh for a very long time. It includes a pocket clip and cap for added convenience.