Commercial office desk X shape 4 person office workstation furniture cheap price

X Shape 4 Person Workstation Furniture Product Specification

Width(mm): 450,500,600,750,800,900,1050,1200,1400,1500,1600, 1800

Height(mm): 1000,1100,1200,1350,1500,1650, 1800

Thickness(mm): 83


As teams condense into smaller workstations, there’s a growing need for benching systems that support individual preferences, apply across the landscape, and adapt to meet future needs. Our X Shape 4 Person office desk Workstation Furniture is solves any workspace’s needs with the flexibility to adapt as those needs change.


It is mixing individual and group work and the combined space allow team members have balanced privacy. This team environment also encourages vistors and brief exchanges of information.

Comprehensive cable management makes all without taking up much space and more beautiful. this design gives people cord-free surfaces for work and easy access to outlets and ports.


The joining of T3partitions(T=32mm) increases the linings changing and still keeps the unique steady feeling of 83mm thick partition.The matching of powerful function of thick partition and variation of thin partition is a class design of best value and costing.

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