Modular Office Workstation Partition – Xinda Clover

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Application::Office Room

Material::Steel Partition+ E1 particle board laminate


Style::Modern Design


Service::Provide OEM & ODM service

Warranty::5 Years’ Normal Usage


1.G60 series office workstation partition, impress people with design with new ergonomic design. The simple and smooth line design meets the fast, accurate and high requirements of the workplace. Three colors white, gray and black to transitions present a uniform and neat layering.

2.Fabric and melamine partition with sound insulation function and privacy protecting, but we also have many material to choose, such as tempered glass, metal panel, acrylic and so on. If you need or customized , welcome to contact us.

3.Storage system, Pull up the cabinet at your feet and you will find a folding bed inside so that we can take good rest at noon. When you don’t need it, just storage them into the cabinet. Save place and release our body pressure.

4.The high cabinet is wardrobe with clothes rail and little mirror, this design to meet female’s dressing trouble, male as well.