Standing manual frame table leg height adjustabledesk China factory


Support multitude workplace 

AK2YJHT-AJ-E is a Handle Cranked height-adjustable solution that gives workers the freedom to choose between postures. Available in desk and bench versions to support a multitude of applications and work modes.


·AK2YJHT-AJ-E has everything that’s needed in a desk, delivering on performance, value and user health. This height-adjustable standing desk supports movement, as people shift postures from standing to sitting and back again.

·Collapsible Handle: More convenient and safe to use.

·Lifting Frame: strong horizontal beam bears 80kg.

Take Control of health in the Workplace

Research shows that people sit 50%-70% of the time in the day—and this lifestyle can lead to a higher risk of many diseases. We weren’t designed to stay in one position—our bodies were made to move regularly. Handle Cranked Standing Desk helps people put an emphasis on healthy habits in the workplace while making it easier to change positions throughout the day.

Product Specification

Dimension(mm): W(1150~1800)*D(600~700)*H(690~1130)

Standing manual frame height adjustable desk and table is so practical and convenient so the most of our customers purchase this design in bulk. As best adjustable height desk factory in China, we produce quality manual height adjustable desk and ensure its standing desk adjustable height to match hommization and customers’ demand. In addition, OEM and ODM always are available for our customers because of professional team of development and design. No matter any design you plan, or any dimension you care, Our senior team may help you to achieve it through the drawing. Browsing our elegant products through the website, then contact with senior representative if any design you like.