Buy modern office furniture office workstation desk in bulk


T3-WS2 Office Workstation design allows communication when necessary and also provides individual space. It is mixing individual and group work, and the combined space allow team members have balanced privacy.

Designed to Decrease Distractions

Face to Face Office Workstations placed across from each other put you in direct eye contact with the person opposite you, increasing the likelihood that you’ll get distracted and need to refocus.


·Partition thickness=32mm, panel-base system, aluminum frame. Unique snap fastener design makes the assembling quick and easy. Colorful end triming options can be adapted to your different need.

·Fabric desk screen provides partial privacy.

·Comprehensive Cable Management makes all without taking up much space and more beautiful. this design gives people cord-free surfaces for work and easy access to outlets and ports.

Product Specification

Width(mm): 450,500,600,750,800,900,1050,1200,1400,1500,1600, 1800

Height(mm): 1000,1100,1200,1350,1500,1650, 1800

Thickness(mm): 32

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