simple office table Style Metal Legs Office Table For 2 Person

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1.SLH-WS2 workspace system is designed to improve collaboration, and required by employees workspace today. With more customized design and combinations, it is offering better user experience and better workspace solutions.

2. Multi-functional Desk Screen:

①24 popular colors

②Four screens are available


3. Desk top: 2 top edges, 13 desk top colors

4. Very Strong Desk Frame:300KG loading remain solid and firm

5. Easy Installation:2 types of screws only, both of which are “+”screw

6. Clear Packing:

Desk will be separsted into A B C D E F carton,for example A carton is the table leg, B carton is for the bar,C carton is for table top,D carton is for desk screen,so very easy for you to keep and stock and got what you want,All carton we will high line in different color for easy searching.

Product Specification

We have 15 standard dimensions for you to choose from, and we also support customization.The standard size is as follows: 

1. W1200*D600*H750(mm:each seat)

2. W1400*D600*H750(mm:each seat)

3. W1500*D600*H750(mm:each seat)

4. W1600*D600*H750(mm:each seat)

5. W1800*D600*H750(mm:each seat)

6. W1200*D700*H750(mm:each seat)

7. W1400*D700*H750(mm:each seat)

8. W1500*D700*H750(mm:each seat)

9. W1600*D700*H750(mm:each seat)

10. W1800*D700*H750(mm:each seat)

11. W1200*D750*H750(mm:each seat)

12. W1400*D750*H750(mm:each seat)

13. W1500*D750*H750(mm:each seat)

14. W1600*D750*H750(mm:each seat)

15. W1800*D750*H750(mm:each seat)

Quality simple office table design about office table with metal legs may match to 2 person uses or even 4 seaters. We, trusted FoShan simple office table chair factory with more than 10 years experiences, provides high quality modern simple office tables, office desks, desks workstation to meet mass buyers demand. Meanwhile, we accept customized order from customers because we possess senior designers and technicians for design and produce high end office metal legs tables with competitive price. Please contact us if any demand of purchase about office furniture, Our sales representatives would assist you for better products in bulk with reasonable price.