High End Metal Frame Office Desk Large Manager Desk

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The VL-MG-BS Large Manager Desk design is a 13 colors optional modesty panel, and side cabinet. It is the ultimate answer to versatility as it comes complete with a large desktop area plus a side storage. Simple installation and sturdy construction make you love it.


• You can enjoy the extra space and storage in the Ford desk in either a left or right hand return.

• The side cabinet can hold a lot of documents. Perfect for keeping your work environment looking sophisticated and organized.

• The VL-MG-BS Large Manager Desk collection comes in a variety of pieces and finishes to match every office, including 13 popular colors wood modesty panel, 2 style top edges and four differnt kind desk legs. Complete your office with the matching side cabinet options as well as additional reception and office furniture.

Product Specification

1. W2000*D900*H750mm+W2000*D550*H625mm

2. W2000*D1000*H750mm+W2000*D550*H625mm

3. W2200*D900*H750mm+W2000*D550*H625mm

4. W2200*D1000*H750mm+W2000*D550*H625mm

5. W2400*D1000*H750mm+W2000*D550*H625mm

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