Modern Office Desk Linear 8 Seater Office Workstations

1. The design that tie-in fixed wooden cabinet, can store article, can not only save space, but also make the desktop cleaner and more convenient for employees.

2. The desk frame and wires tray design makes all without taking up much space and more beautiful. this design gives people cord-free surfaces for work and easy access to outlets and ports.


Desk frame 

Material: T=1.5mm metal pipe, 50mm*30mm square pole    Finishing:Powder coating 80~120μ


Mid leg via cable manager 

Material:T=2mm metal pipe, 50mm*50mm square pole Finishing: Powder coating, 80~120μ


Wire box 



Plastic Snake

size: Φ55/H725

3. Extension Bar: Effectively reduce the requirement of shelf storage specifications, customers can adjust flexibly, convenient storage reduce costs.

4.Very Strong Desk Frame:300KG loading remain solid and firm

5.Multi-functional Desk Screen:

①24 popular colors

②Four screens are available


6. Desk top: 2 top edges,13 desk top colors

7. Easy Installation:2 types of screws only, both of which are “+”screw


8.Clear Packing:

Desk will be separsted into A B C D E F carton,for example A carton is the table leg, B carton is for the bar,C carton is for table top,D carton is for desk screen,so very easy for you to keep and stock and got what you want,All carton we will high line in different color for easy searching.

Product Specification:

We have 15 standard dimensions for you to choose from, and we also support customization.The standard size is as follows: 

1. W1200*D600*H750 (mm:each seat)

2. W1400*D600*H750 (mm:each seat)

3. W1500*D600*H750 (mm:each seat)

4. W1600*D600*H750 (mm:each seat)

5. W1800*D600*H750 (mm:each seat)

6. W1200*D700*H750 (mm:each seat)

7. W1400*D700*H750 (mm:each seat)

8. W1500*D700*H750 (mm:each seat)

9. W1600*D700*H750 (mm:each seat)

10. W1800*D700*H750 (mm:each seat)

11. W1200*D750*H750 (mm:each seat)

12. W1400*D750*H750 (mm:each seat)

13. W1500*D750*H750 (mm:each seat)

14. W1600*D750*H750 (mm:each seat)

15. W1800*D750*H750 (mm:each seat)

Quality office furniture generally are applied for workplace like home SOHO, small office and workspace in office building and factory. According to common trend and modern design idea, office desks and chairs normally are made by solid wood frame, metal frame (carbon steel, aluminum) with desk top like commercial board materials (medium density fibreboard, high density fibreboard, various plywood, particle board, melamine board and so on) or high end tempered glass.Our company, trusted office workstations factory in China, always provide high quality modern office desk workstation 8 seaters to match buyers’ demand.Please do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives for competitive price.